Marciana Marina

Popular tourist resort surrounded by Mediterranean bush, Marciana Marina is shaped like a half circle enclosing a picturesque inlet that its ancient port on the west side closes off.

It is the smallest Commune on the Island of Elba. Founded in 1884, this small town was originally but a few houses by the sea belonging to fishermen in the area known as "Cotone", and but a few houses belonging to farmers inland. Today Marciana Marina has about 2000 inhabitants and is a bustling, flourishing seaside resort, almost an island on an island.

The Pisan Tower, standing proud at the entrance to the port, dates back to the XXII century, and is the symbol of the Commune of Marciana Marina. In the past, the port was used for the commerce of wine from the hills on the island; today, it is one of the most popular tourist resorts for pleasure sailing.

Cotone, on the opposite side of the bay, is the most ancient part of Marciana Marina: in the past simply a handful of houses belonging to fishermen, later the area grew as far as the Tower as the land near the seafront became less hilly.

What makes a holiday in Marciana Marina even better is the surrounding area, a combination of beautiful countryside to go for walks in, and breathtaking panoramas, that together make the town worth more than just a short visit.

The historical towns of Marciana and Poggio, true Medieval jewels from an architectural point of view, set in the framework of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park , stand proudly above Marciana Marina and the gulf of Procchio, today so popular that more and more tourists every year decide to spend their summer holidays in these enchanting towns. Tourists can choose from three beaches in Marciana Marina : the smallest (opposite the town) is a pebble beach; the sandy one is inside the port area; the third one is Fenicia, a mixture of sand and pebbles. Along the coast, near the town, there are many nice coves, like La Paolina, that you can reach on foot.